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We are proud to introduce to you our wonderful team of talented and dedicated teachers, teaching assistants and support staff who are all committed to supporting the needs of each individual within our school. As a team, we constantly strive to develop ideas in moving the school forward and to meet the challenges the future holds within the rapidly changing face of education.

Headteacher Mrs L Parsons
Deputy Headteacher

Miss N Cotter
(Mrs K Ney - maternity leave)           

Federation Business Lead Mrs S Britton
Inclusion Lead/SENCO Miss N Cotter
Teaching Staff
Miss A O'Neill Holly Early Years Phase Leader and Class Teacher
Miss S Smith Sycamore Early Years Class Teacher
Mrs N Gaines & Mrs V Favell
(Mrs N Chalstrey - Maternity leave)
Pine Year 1 Class Teacher
Miss G Parker Oak Year 1 Class Teacher
Miss M Galardon Beech Year 2 Class Teacher
Miss C Stammer Willow KS1 Phase Leader & Year 2 Class Teacher
Support Staff
Mrs J Cox
Mrs S Dawson
Mrs T Evans
Mrs L Galbraith
Mrs V Goggin
Mrs A Lilley
Mrs G Mayne
Mrs L Rowlett
Mrs C Sarson
Mrs S Whitehead
SEN Support
Mrs V Goggin Thrive
Mrs L Mann Thrive
Mrs R Budd SNA
Mrs E Merton SNA
Mrs L Holden SNA
School Office Manager Federation Communications Manager
Mrs S Hadlington Mrs K Obee
Office Assistant  
Mrs A Close   
Midday Supervisors Caretaking Staff
Mrs T Taylor (Senior Midday Supervisor) Mr K Chisman
Mrs J Pilgrim  
Mrs J Doyle  
Mrs T Evans  
Mrs J Gillibrand Breakfast Club
Mrs A Lilley Mrs T Taylor
Miss R Lipscombe Mrs A Haskell 
Mrs R McPherson Mrs E Merton
Catering Staff
Mrs J Waring  
Mrs A Haskell  
Miss M Ritston  
Mrs P Pama  


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