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Golden Charter

All members of the school community are expected to respect the needs, feelings and property of others. 

Our “Golden Charter” is displayed prominently throughout the school.  Children are very clear about our “Golden Charter”, their rights within this and also what they need to remember in return. The Golden Charter is discussed and agreed by all children, enabling their understanding of why it is important to make our school a safe and happy place for us all.  The same can be said for the Lunchtime Charter which is also displayed below.

We promote politeness and good manners through our “Caring Tree” which acknowledges pupils’ thoughtfulness and is shared with the school community in our weekly “Celebration Assembly”.  We aim for a positive ethos in the school to raise the self-esteem of children through praise and encouragement:  each class has a “Star of the Week” which acknowledges effort and achievement; good work is recognised in the “Celebration Book” and achievements are celebrated each Friday with the whole school community.