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Science Week Fun

During Science Week we really enjoyed learning all about volcanoes with STEM ambassador Kerry Henderson. We also enjoyed the Family Learning Night and the Science Fair - it was brilliant to see everyone's experiments and what they had done at home! See our Gallery for pictures from the week.

Pumpkin Pictures

During outdoor learning we found a great way to recycle our old Halloween pumpkins while using our fine motor skills! We carefully selected a nail and held it steady while tapping them in with a hammer. Everyone was so sensible and patient waiting for their turn. We also used push pins to make patterns in the pumpkins, and as they are so small it took lots of concentration to push them in and pull them out!
IMG_2684     IMG_2715     IMG_2692

Light & Dark - Diwali

To kick start our topic of Light and Dark we learnt about the celebration of Diwali. We were lucky enough to have Jiva and his Mum teaching us about how they celebrate it with their family. We made our own Rangoli patterns using coloured rice and also used our knowledge of repeating patterns to colour some in! Then we made some Barfi which is an Indian sweet made with coconut. We discussed how important it is to wash our hands (and not lick the spoons!), before taking turns counting out the measurements from the recipe. They were delicious!
IMG_3087   IMG_3080   IMG_2680  IMG_2674

Birdworld Visit

To start our week learning about nocturnal animals, Birdworld visited reception with a variety of nocturnal animals. We learnt about owls, snakes, mice, chinchillas and even a leopard gecko! We found out why it was a good idea not to have the mouse and the owl out at the same time and were lucky enough to get the chance to touch some of the animals very gently. The chinchilla was very soft!
   IMG_2866   IMG_2799   IMG_3672