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Fireworks/Bonfire Night Week:

This week our theme was bonfire night. We learnt about the gunpowder plot and why we have fireworks each year on the 5th November. We came up with words that describe fireworks and wrote them down. We learnt about the artist Jackson Pollock and created some firework paintings in his artistic style. In maths this week we learnt that whole numbers came be split into parts. 



This week our theme was Diwali. We learnt all about the festival of light. We tried some special Hindu food and danced to Hindu music. We tried on saris and beautiful Hindu clothing and designed our own Mehndi patterns. We made diva lamps out of clay and painted them using lots of bright beautiful colours. 

This week we also learnt about Remembrance day and painted poppies to remember the soldiers that fought for us. In maths this week we learnt about more, fewer and equals.



Welly Week:

Welly Week 2020 1Welly Week 2020 2

Hello Yellow Day: 

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Exploring the Early Years Outdoor Area:


Classroom Fun:

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