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Breaking potato news!

There was fierce competition between Year Groups at our Potato weigh-in today.
The children have  planted, watered, and cared for their potatoes over the past few months.  Finally it was time to harvest,  some were large and some were very small but it has been brilliant for the children to see just how potatoes grow.
During Assembly with an impartial judge (Mrs Goggin) the potatoes were weighed.  It was a very close call.
The Results are :
1st  -  Year 2 -  with 2.360 kg
2nd -  Year 1 - with 2.335kg
3rd -  Reception with 1.544kg
Some brilliant results from all year groups but well done Year 2 on an amazing total.
Altogether our school managed to grow 6.239 kg of potatoes. 
We are looking forward to gathering in the rest of our vegetables next week.
P.S Pumpkins are ready to plant as we speak !!