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Discover nine great reasons to join us

There are many great reasons to join our thriving school community, and you can discover a wide range of them during our parent meeting on the evening of October 16.

With formal open mornings running until the end of the year, there are plenty of opportunities to take a closer look at our school and discover what we do to ensure our pupils have a quality education from day one.


For more details of our open events, click here


Here are just nine reasons we are a great school and we look forward to meeting you and hearing many more.

Superb facilities

We have a great learning environment including a newly upgraded IT suite to ensure our children have access to the latest technology

Exciting learning

A great range of experiences built in to our curriculum from pirate days to hatching ducklings all add something special to our pupils’ experience


We regard academic achievement highly and strive to ensure our children achieve the best outcomes possible.


And we want our pupils to foster strong friendships and create strong memories from their time with us at the start of their education.


We arrange many educational visits and have direct access to the local country park which enables us to utilise learning opportunities outdoors in a unique environment.


It is OK if we don’t succeed at first because our resilience helps us to keep going while considering the feelings of others and learning to be a good friend.


We all have a huge amount of pride in our school, from our uniform to our work and we celebrate our successes, no matter how large or small.


We are part of a fantastic community and we believe in developing great relationships with parents and friends through regular, two-way communication.


We aim to create an atmosphere where children are praised for honesty and are confident to admit mistakes. They are nurtured to be caring and respectful of each other and the wider community.