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COVID 19 - Provision for key workers

We now have the guidance for the definition of key worker related to frontline Covid-19 support services; please see the guidance below;

There is still a huge emphasis on this childcare being for ESSENTIAL NEED ONLY as the advice is for children and families to be safe at home.
We have been advised to plan for the next two weeks and then there may be further updates for the holiday period and any time after.
If you fall into the categories identified in the guidance and you need this childcare provision as there is no alternative BOTH schools will be open next week and the week after between 8:45 and 3:00pm. After school care MAY be available and this will be confirmed in due course.
The schools will be staffed by a different year group team each day and will have the correct ratios in place for safeguarding, first aid and supervision purposes.
The children will be accessing their online learning programmes in the mornings and then a more 'open' package in the afternoons. There is currently no catering provision available so any child attending will need to bring their own packed lunch and will not need to be in school uniform.
We will not require an advanced booking as we are aware of the majority of families we would be expecting to use this childcare and will register the children on arrival.
I want to stress again that this must only be used if ESSENTIAL as we want to be able to reduce the number of people in contact with each other as much as is possible as is being stressed by the UK government.
As already mentioned, this is the package for the next two weeks, it may be subject to change following further guidance.
Thank you again for your continued support and understanding,
Mrs Parsons