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Critical Worker Provision and Eligibility and Booking

Dear Parents/Carers,


We now need to plan for our critical worker and other vulnerable children to return to school on Wednesday. This provision needs to remain as Covid-safe as possible and obviously the greater the numbers we have in school, the greater the risk becomes.


Therefore, for everyone’s continued safety, please only send your children to this provision IF IT IS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY and you have NO other alternative.


(If numbers exceed a ‘safe’ capacity then we will have to adopt further criteria such as proof that there is no other adult/parent at home to look after your children so please also bear this in mind)


Information on eligibility for this provision is available below and please note that the only change to this is it now includes those working in the Brexit transition sector.


Information about ‘critical workers’ is found at the following link:


And the definitions of ‘vulnerable’ children can be found here: – please note that apart from children who currently have an allocated Social Worker and children with an EHCP (you will know if that is your child) the rest of the examples are at the discretion of the school.


If you feel you meet this criteria, please complete the following google-form link to request a place by 12:00pm TUESDAY.


Please use this form rather than a direct email into the office as any emails already received will not necessarily have secured your child’s place.


Please also note that on the first day of attendance, we will require proof of eligibility for our records and this will also apply to those who attended the provision before.


Once we have an idea of numbers, we will confirm places and the location/timings for Wednesday.

Thank you for your patience and understanding,


Stay Safe,


Mrs Parsons