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Learning in Key Stage 1

Learning at Lightwater Village School is exciting and imaginative, stimulating and challenging. We believe that young children learn best when they are motivated by what they are learning and are actively involved. Children are encouraged to question and discover, care and understand, imagine and believe.

We are judged to be an ‘outstanding’ school, where excellent teaching enables the curriculum to come alive. This is further enhanced through visits, visitors and workshops.  We believe every child has the right to a rich and varied curriculum, which challenges, inspires and promotes very high standards of achievement for all.

Curriculum themes form the basis for our learning, through topics such as 'To Infinity & Beyond' (Space), 'The Enchanted Forest' (Eco/Animal Habitats) and ‘Fruitastic' (Healthy Eating). Natural links are formed within these topics between subject areas, bringing a cohesive approach which is relevant and makes sense to young children.   We run flexible timetables to enable children to become immersed in their learning rather than changing between different subjects, whilst still retaining a core emphasis on the key skills of literacy and numeracy. This creative curriculum is regularly enhanced by Focus Weeks in which the whole school takes time to study a particular theme, such as an Art Week focusing on a particular artist or style, Maths or Science Weeks, Outdoors Week or Well Being Week which may focus on building friendships, positive behaviours and keeping safe. 


Children learn to read through specific teaching of key words and strategies to work out unfamiliar words. All children take part in a daily school based Flower Phonics session within a small group aimed at individual needs, whereby understanding of initial sounds to building simple words and more complex blends are practised and rehearsed at an ability level appropriate to each child. These skills are complemented by daily group or individual reading. In school, guided reading uses the University Press - Oxford Reading Tree Scheme and for home a combination of this and other graded schemes are utilisted.  The enjoyment that can be gained from reading is also encouraged through talking about the stories, questioning the children’s comprehension and an emphasis on sharing and enjoying listening to, and reading, favourite books. We have a library which enables children to become engrossed in reading and teaches vital library and research skills. We hold a regular Book Week, often with a visiting author, through which children learn about specific authors or styles of books and are engaged in reading and writing about them. 


Skills for writing are developed through using the understanding of sounds and word recognition, whilst also learning the shape of letters through regular handwriting practice. Children are encouraged to sound out words and build a vocabulary of sight recognition words. A focus on understanding written language through use of punctuation and grammar brings variety and accuracy to children’s writing as their confidence increases.


Mathematical understanding is grounded in practical experience. From their early days in school, children are making comparisons about size, weight, how long it is or the passage of time. Children love to count and this is further developed through looking at patterns within the number system and understanding manipulation of numbers through the operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  Learning is based around teaching key strategies and providing opportunities to practise and use skills to solve problems. Knowing which strategy to use, and when, is an important part of understanding how mathematical understanding supports our daily lives.

Supported at every step...

To ensure all children have the best possible opportunities they are supported by a team of highly skilled teachers, teaching assistants and support staff who endeavour to provide a creative, motivating, enriching and caring first school for our young children. We place a high value on personal and social skills and explicitly teach core values so that children become confident and happy learners. Engaging and communicating effectively with our community enables us to involve families and parents in supporting their children to achieve their best.

We believe this focus on high standards through core skills within a creative and immensely enjoyable curriculum enables children to be supported and motivated to achieve their best. Children at our school consistently attain very highly when compared with national and local averages.