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GLF Schools

Behaviour and Attitudes

At Lightwater Village School we create a safe, calm, and positive environment so that our pupils can achieve excellence together. We create a positive and respectful school culture through building effective relationships with pupils and we take a positive and proactive approach to behaviour management. This culture is driven through our school values. 








We focus on celebrating and encouraging postive behaviour choices. This is acheived through pupils receiving rewards such as 'Star of the Week' and 'Values' awards, as well as house points. We emphasise the behaviours we want to see from our pupils and adults in school model good behaviour at all times. Please see our school rules below.


We have a clear and robust Behaviour and Rewards Policy that is followed by all staff members. 

Bullying is not tolerated at Lightwater Village School. Children are actively taught what Bullying is, the types of behaviours it entails and what to do if they feel they are being bullied. We are very proud to have achieved the Anti-Bullying Silver Award! A copy of our Anti-Bullying policy can be accessed through the link below.