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Lightwater Village School admission arrangements are designed to be in line with Surrey County Council’s determined admission arrangements for Community and Voluntary Controlled schools for the 2021-22 round.

Further information can be found on the Surrey County Council website.

Surrey County Council

The determined admission arrangements for Lightwater Village School for September 2021

  1. The Published Admission Numbers for Lightwater Village School in September 2021 is 60.
  2. Applications for admission at the normal intake will be managed in accordance with Surrey County Council’s co-ordinated scheme on primary admissions.
  3. Applications for Reception and Junior places at schools must be made between 2nd November 2020 and by 15th January 2021.  Applicants will be asked to rank up to four primaries or Year R preferences and these will be considered under an equal preference system.
  4. Children with an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) that name Lightwater Village School will be allocated a place before other children are considered.  In this way, the number of places available will be reduced by the number of children with an EHCP.
  5. When Lightwater Village School is over-subscribed for any year group, applications for entry in 2021-22 will be ranked in the following order.
  • First Priority: Looked after and previously looked after children.  Within the admission arrangements for Lightwater Village School looked after and previously looked after children will receive the top priority for a place.
  • Second Priority:  Exceptional Social/Medical Needs.  Occasionally there will be a very small number of children for whom exceptional social or medical circumstances apply which will warrant a placement at a particular school.  This criteria might relate to either the child or the parent/carer.
  • Third Priority:  Children who will have a sibling at the school or at a Junior School on a shared adjoining site at the time of the child’s admission (The Federated Schools of Lightwater Village School and Hammond Junior School are treated under this Criteria).
  • Fourth Priority:  Children for whom the school is the nearest to their home address – nearness to the school will be measured in a straight line from the address point of the pupil’s house as set out by Ordnance Survey to the nearest official school gate.
  • Fifth Priority: Any other applicant.

Please also see the full document attached as a PDF for Admissions arrangements Lightwater Village School for 2021-22.


Admission Policy 2021-2022 - Change of Notice

This provides notice that the GLF Trust Board has agreed a change to the admissions policies of all schools in the Trust for 2021 and 2022 to reflect that children who have been in state care outside of England, and ceased to be in care as a result of being adopted, must now be given the highest priority in oversubscription criteria, alongside looked after children and previously looked after children.This change comes into effect from 1 September 2021 and amends the admissions policies as already published for 2021 and 2022.

Waiting Lists for 2021 intake

Waiting lists are ranked according to a school's admissions criteria, not the date the application was received or when the child's name was added to the list.  Waiting lists will be maintained by Admissions at Surrey County Council until the last day of the Summer Term in the academic year children are admitted to Reception Year. Any applicants who wish their child to remain on the waiting lists must write to the school and County Council by the last day of the Summer Term, otherwise all lists are cancelled at the end of each academic year.

Your Child’s Position on the Waiting List

Your child's position on a waiting list can go down as well as up. This will occur if other children are added to the list because they have greater priority against the school's admission criteria.

To find out the position of your child on the Waiting List, you can call Surrey County Council on 0300 200 1004.

In-Year Applications

Lightwater Village School will continue to use the centrally managed applications run by Surrey County Council for all in-year admissions. Follow this link for instructions on how to apply to schools during the academic year.  

In-Year Applications

An application form can be found to download at the bottom this page. 


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