GLF Schools

GLF Schools

Curriculum Overview

At Lightwater Village School we aim to develop learners who can thrive in 21st Century. We use New Pedagogies of Deep Learning to engage, challenge and inspire pupils. At the heart of our pedagogy sits the ‘Double Helix of Human Thriving’, which recognises the intrinsic link between deep learning, relationships and wellbeing. Our curriculum promotes the 6 Global Competencies of Deep Learning: character, citizenship, collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking. We achieve this through a broad and rich thematic curriculum, we combine academic rigor with a wide range of opportunities and experiences to support our pupils physical, emotional and social development.


The School’s curriculum content includes all those areas specified in the National Curriculum, providing a base for an education that ensures quality and progression. Using the National Curriculum as our starting point, our curriculum is carefully planned with the needs and interests of the pupils at the forefront to develop ideas that will inspire, enthuse and engage the pupils to enhance their learning to the full. We develop their knowledge throughout these experiences but most importantly give them the skills they need as learners to succeed and embrace challenges.

We begin our journeys with a ‘driver’ which inspires the children from the onset; this could be a novel, personal interest, trip, visits from experts. We always work to create outcomes that are meaningful and most of all purposeful with the overall aim to help the children to progress and succeed at Primary school.

We are always developing our curriculum and themes to reflect local, national and global changes in the world as we aim for our pupils to leave our schools with a love of learning, global awareness and are prepared for their next stage of education and life.


New Pedagogies for Deep Learning