GLF Schools

GLF Schools

GLF Schools was founded in 2012 in order to enable the federation of Glyn School (an academy in 2011) and Danetree Junior School. Together, we began our journey to become a MAT of more than 1000 talented staff working with over 10,000 children in 40 schools across 5 regions in southern England.

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Home Learning


In Reception, we provide families with a wide range of activities that can be used to support their children's learning at home. Home Learning is not compulsory. We provide the following activties for families that wish to access them:

  • Phonics activity from CGP book (provided by school). The activity number is set on See Saw each week via the class teacher.
  • Maths activity set on See Saw each week via the class teacher.
  • Handwriting and fine motor skills activities are set each week, linked to in class learning.
  • The phonics sounds that the children are learning are sent home each week.
  • We ask families to read with or to their children each day. We provide each child with a reading book linked to their phonics phase.

Years 1 and 2 

In Years 1 and 2 we provide the following Home Learning activities:

  • 1 Spelling Punctuation and Grammar (SPaG) activity from CGP book (provided by school) each week. The activity number is set on See Saw each week via the class teacher.
  • 1 Maths activity from CGP book (provided by school) each week. The activity number is set on See Saw each week via the class teacher.
  • Weekly Spellings set via See Saw
  • We ask that families read with their child each day and we provide the children books, linked to the phonetic learning, each week

Each half-term we set a home learning project linked to the theme the children are learning about at that time. This is set via See Saw.

Children share their home learning with their teachers by uploading their learning onto See Saw.

See Saw

We use See Saw, an online platform where pupils and parents can access home learning tasks. Each child is issued a QR code and password, which is used for families to access their Home Learning. 

More information about See Saw can be found at

Using the 6Cs and promoting Deep Learing at Home

We incorporate the 6 Global Competancies for Deep Learning into our curriculum. You can support your child in developing these competancies at home.  

6Cs at home poster

6Cs at home 2 page poster (1)