GLF Schools

GLF Schools

Performance Data and Ofsted

Children at Lightwater Village School consistently achieve above the expected attainment for their age group. Performance is high in all areas. 

More information on the performance of the school can be found within the latest Ofsted Report below.

Further information on the context of the school can be found on the Dfe School Peformance website.

DfE School Performance

We monitor the progress of children throughout their time with us to ensure that all are given the opportunities to achieve the best they can. This means that where children are experiencing difficulties these are quickly identified and each child is supported with their particular needs. Our Special Needs coordinator ensures that support is gained from outside agencies, where necessary, for individuals and that a programme of support through additional staffing is put in place.

All teachers will teach to different ability groups within the class enabling all children to achieve their potential. Equally, as we assess and monitor the progress of each child we can see where some may need to be extended and challenged with their learning. We regularly update parents on the progress of their child and how we and they can support more.

Again this year, children have achieved a high level of achievement, with most areas above expectations and national results.  



Page Downloads Date  
End of Year Results 2021 15th Nov 2021 Download
End of Year results 2018 19 15th Nov 2021 Download
LVS IDSR 15th Nov 2021 Download
Ofsted Interim Report 2011 15th Nov 2021 Download
Ofsted Full Inspection Report 2008 15th Nov 2021 Download