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Relationships Education

What is RSE?

Relationship and Sex Education in our school is about the emotional, social and cultural development of pupils, and involves learning about relationships, healthy lifestyles, diversity and personal identity. It is taught as part of our Wellbeing curriculum. Our curriculum does not contain sex education. Children are taught vocabulary relating to physical anatomy.

Wellbeing is at the heart of our schools vision of ‘Achieving Excellence Together’. Our wellbeing curriculum seeks to equip our children with the skills they need to be healthy, happy and safe. It incorporates the programme of study from the PSHE Association (which includes objectives meeting Relationship and Sex Education); The Thrive Approach, E-Safety, Anti-Bullying and Mindfulness strategies to support children’s emotional wellbeing and mental health.

Relationships education focuses on teaching the fundamental building blocks and characteristics of positive relationships including:

  •  Families and people who care for me
  •  Caring friendships
  •  Respectful relationships
  •  Online relationships
  •  Being safe



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