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At Lightwater Village School we take E-Safety very seriously.

The appropriate use of the Internet and other technologies can extend and enhance learning in previously unattainable ways. However, the use of these new technologies can put young people at risk from within and from outside our schools. To minimise the risks we take a holistic approach to e-safety.

E-Safety in our Curriculum

Our e-safety curriculum teaches pupils:

  • To discuss how to stay safe on the internet and to describe positive behaviour on the internet.
  • To be able to navigate the web and carry out simple web searches to collect digital content. 
  • To follow the school’s safer internet rules.
  • To recognise that there are other people on the internet.
  • To know how to make safe choices if they find inappropriate content online.
  • To understand to tell a trusted adult if someone they don’t know tries to contact them via the internet.
  • To understand why passwords shouldn’t be shared.
  • To use technology safely for learning and communicating with others. 

E-Safety for Staff

Our designated E-Safety co-ordinator is Kathryn Parsons.

All staff receive e-safety training and adhere to our e-safety policy. Our staff work collabortaively with pupils and parents to reduce online risks for our pupils. 

E-Safety for Parents and Carers

Home - Ineqe Safeguarding Group offers a range of advice and resources for parents and carers to support e-safety practices.

How do I report harmul content? Report Harmful Crontent is provided by the UK Safer Internet Centre and offer an online reporting platform and advice if harmful content is found online. Please use the following link to Report Harmful Content - We Help You Remove Content.

Please see our App Safety Cards below.


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